Is Chiropractic Care in Lakewood Safe for Elderly Patients?

If you experience some form of back or neck pain then chiropractic care is the form of treatment you probably need. Chiropractic care in Lakewood has become popular in recent years due to the fact that it treats different illnesses that affect the human body. But does it work for the elderly? 5% of American elders use this therapy. However, you need to understand the pros and cons of this new found solution before going for it as it is not meant for everybody. Here is all you need to know.

The Benefits to Elderly in Lakewood

The main benefit this treatment is known to offer is relief to muscles or bones. The back gets affected in most cases. 6% of seniors experience disabling back pain while 23% of this group experience non-disabling back pain. Most seniors today go for this type of treatment to prevent the problems from surfacing which is better than waiting for it before seeking medical advice.

The central nervous system is what holds the entire spinal cord. It is this philosophy that chiropractic is built upon. So, when there is any irregularity in the alignment of the vertebrae, the organs of your body will be affected, and your entire health can be at risk.

Some of the benefits you may realize include:

Pain relief — This is the main benefit chiropractic in Lakewood is known for. The subluxation within your spine causes pain and inflammation, but spinal manipulation has the power to fix it. What makes it stand out from any other form of treatment is that it doesn’t use any medications or surgery. So the underlying cause of discomfort will be eliminated naturally rather than just masking the problem with medicines that don’t work.

Natural treatment — If you have a senior in your house then you probably understand that their medications can have adverse side effects. This is why you need to give them safe and natural treatments that wont affect their overall health.

Increased quality of life — Patients who settle for this treatment enjoy proper range of motion. So, it goes without saying that they will have an improved quality of life. The old age should not be the reason why you can’t do the basic things in life. You should be able to move around the house any time.

Lowers falls — This happens to be the worst thing the elderly dread as 33% of them fall every year. In fact, it also happens to be one of the leading cause of deaths for them. Chiropractic helps them understand why it is important to stretchy and exercise. Such movements strengthen the spine and balances the body to avoid falls.

Get rid of chronic conditions — it has been proven that chiropractic in Lakewood helps some of the chronic illnesses older people face.

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