Chiropractic Testimonials

"For months I drove past the sign…$39.00 for an hour massage. I had been battling neck and shoulder pain and thought a massage would do me some good. Prior to BBC I had a couple massages at a spa type place to help with sore muscles, not really pain. One evening I was in so much pain I decided to pop in and take a look. I drove to the clinic got out of the car, took a look and thought to myself, ” This does not look like the pampering type of place I was used to”, and started back to my car. A few steps in I had a change of heart, I was in so much pain I thought it was worth a shot and walked in. The frog looking at me from the fountain made me smile, I was greeted by Jamie and I decided to make an appointment for a couple if days later. One of the best decisions I have ever made. I quickly realized this is the place I needed to be. I received my first massage from Mike where he realized I had a lot more going on than sore muscles and recommended I see one of the doctors at the clinic. Fast forward to 4 months later, I am still in treatment but getting better with each visit. With such a reduction in pain and spike in energy, I have been able to resume some of my basic activities and feel so much better. I believe in this “team” so much, my 13 year old daughter is currently in treatment due to an injury. Her progress is progressing so much more quickly than mine, I contribute that to age and attitude. THANK YOU BBC…"

-Tammy M

"I really appreciated the way A Better Back Clinic empowered me to make healthy changes in my life and gave me exercises to complete at home. They also provide education, awareness, and pre and post testing to track your progress. I feel like I can see the results and not just take someone’s word for it. I came in with chronic lower back pain and now it is GONE!!"

- Claire

"I first starting seeing Dr. Luck around Feb. 2014. I had a shoulder injury from exercising too hard. I had a pinched nerve which made my left arm tingle and my left index finger go numb from time to time. I had a horrible time sleeping and could only lay in one position. After undergoing treatments by Dr. Luck over the last 16 months, the arm tingling is gone and my index finger rarely feels numb. I am continuing to see the doctor for monthly adjustments, which I can truly say my body needs. I always feel better once the good doctor “works me over”! He has a great “bedside manner”; love his little jokes. The doctor is always punctual in keeping my scheduled appointments. I’m in and out of the office in no time. I have also undergone some massage therapy treatments which have been very helpful, and of course, relaxing. Massage therapist Cole does an excellent job of listening to & responding to my needs & requests and tailors his hour of therapy “just for me.” I first went to this office because they accepted my Kaiser health insurance. I don’t have a car, but it’s convenient for me to ride the bus to this location. I highly recommend Dr. Luck and his friendly staff. If you’re feeling down, receptionist Amanda will cheer you right up! If you are having pain, give these fine folks a call today!"

- Jesse A

"I first visited A Better Back Clinic in June 2014 when I was experiencing pain in my neck and left arm. Dr. Luck did an outstanding job of teaching me the intricacies of the body and how chiropractic services play a role in total health and wellbeing. He performed a thorough evaluation on my first visit and determined the best course of action to address my individual needs. After only a few visits, the pain and discomfort I had been dealing with for months went away completely and hasn’t returned throughout the past year! I was so impressed with the professionalism and educational nature of the service provided that both my wife and son are now using A Better Back Clinic for their chiropractic needs. Additionally, the administrative staff was very helpful and supportive in working with me for self-pay plans, as well as working with my insurance company once my new coverage kicked in this past April. I highly recommend A Better Back Clinic if you are searching for a quality Chiropractor!"

- Brent B

"Patient for 15 years… Keeps me feeling good. Excellent doctor – helpful & caring. Great care with an auto accident injury a couple years back going above & beyond in working with the insurance company."

-Mark F

"I feel so much better from receiving treatment at A Better Back Clinic that I am going to work early morning shifts now! I usually work afternoon shifts because I would need the extra time to get moving when I get up in the morning due to the pain I was experiencing every day. I love this play and everyone who works here!"

- Beverly B

"I still have upper back pain, but i feel like my back pains have improved alot from how i used to be. The staff is really wonderful and do a good job at helping patients. The adjustment have helped my pain a lot. Thank you."

- Anonymous Testimonial 6

"Came in with -muscle spasms in lower back

moderately senese psoriasis

chronically tight traps

CURRENT CONDITION – no lower back pain

Some muscles in back much more relaxed

traps significantly more relaxed

Psorissis 30% improved

OFFICE – Has done well getting me in and out so these adjustments don’t take more time from my work than they already do.

Dr Cook – Good at answering my questions and explaining the physics of my body. Would like now feel back and muscles relaxed or tight; which reiteterate are out of alignment."

- Virginia D

"I first came into Dr. Luck’s office based on a recommendation from a friend whom had a positive experience. I was experiencing pain in my rib area and muscle spasms along with numbness in my legs. Dr. Luck began with a very thorough diagnostic process complete with physical examination and x-ray review. I learned a lot through the discussions and actively reviewing my own x-rays. Service from the staff, Dr’s Luck and Cook has always been professional, courteous and I have felt like tremendous progress has been made. Not only do I feel better but I feel better enabled to live life more fully. Thanks!"

- Jeffrey B

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