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Foot Pain & Orthotic Treatment in Lakewood CO

A trained muscle skeletal doctor must always look to the source of a problem(s) and they must not forget the importance of the feet.

To correct imbalances of the feet some people may require Orthotic therapy in conjunction with, or separately from, other holistic care treatments. Orthotics are thin prescription made devices that will go into one’s shoe to correct the imbalance of foot.

Orthotics are not arch supports that one can find in numerous retail stores and sport stores.

In fact in some cases arch support can cause problems, as they are generic in design and by being generic if the arch support is not right for a person it will cause problems or make a current problems even worse!

One of the most important areas of our body and yet one the most neglected is, our “feet”. Don’t drag your feet on scheduling a foot orthotic fitting in Lakewood, CO – we are here to help!

Many conditions can be and many times are, due to problems with the stability of our feet! Conditions like:

  • plantar fasciitis
  • heal pains
  • weak ankles
  • shin splints
  • leg pains
  • knee problems
  • hip issues
  • sciatica
  • sacroiliac
  • and back pains

We take pride in years of diagnostics techniques and affordability of our prescription orthotics devices. We can help you understand the benefits of orthotics and whether they are right for you. We can also help provide information regarding our holistic health services and chiropractic care, which can be direct and/or indirect treatment methods for orthotic pain.

Stop living with pain! Call today to schedule your orthotics appointment at 303.985.0646.

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