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In case of an illness or a medical condition, it is imperative that you get to know these fields of healthcare. For instance, you can be having back pain or a sinus problem and wonder which specialist to approach.

Your mom may suggest you go to a medical doctor, on the other hand, your co-worker will assure you that they know better and connect with you with their Lakewood Chiropractor. Depending on who you talk to, they will insist that it is in your best interest that you seek a medical doctor or maybe a chiropractor. All these options may be confusing and overwhelming if you have no idea what each specialist does.

Two Types of Doctors

There are two different types of doctors, a DC and an MD. MDs are physicians who can prescribe medication and some are also trained to perform surgery. Chiropractors and Medical Dcotors both have a significant amount of training and a lot of it has similar courses of study.

The doctors are eligible to practice their field of work in all credentialed areas. Even though the principal aim is to provide primary care for all, some doctors specialize further into areas like cardiology, dermatology, oncology, pediatrics, extremities, ect… For that reason, it is why about so many students spend so much time in school.

An MD and a DC are both mandated to pass a national exam before they can be fully licensed to practice in their field of study. Although the two professions may seem alike, there are vital differences notable in both disciplines.

Major Differences

Any Lakewood Chiropractor has attained additional training about the musculoskeletal system , and this knowledge helps them to understand the impact of an illness or an injury to other parts of the body. Therefore, this is why a DC does not only look at the symptoms a patient may come in with but also conduct a full body checkup (also referred to as holistic approach).

On the contrary, some MDs have been observed to use the above approach in certain aspects of medicine. Although most MD’s will not necessarily evaluate what is causing the particular condition. However, an MD has the ability to prescribe medications. So their treatment plan will most likely involve a prescription of some sort.

What about Chiropractors?

Chiropractors are similar to MD’s in specific areas. For example, a chiropractor also emphasizes on the systems of the whole body and subsequently use hands too in the diagnosis process. Another comparable treatment of chiropractors and medical doctors is high-velocity low-amplitude (HVLA). It is a thrusting motion to the spine for improvement of movement in the body systems.

The education and training a chiropractor involves four years of undergraduate college coursework then attend a 3-4 years of chiropractic college. Some chiropractic students will participate in internships or preceptorships before they finish chiropractic college, and take their state and national board exams.

The level of training of a chiropractor limits them to prescribe or perform surgery. They are only eligible to make adjustments and recommend exercises that can help in the rehabilitation of an injury. On that note, they can also provide advice on the best nutritional diet and the kind lifestyle to pursue.

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